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My life is my teaching- Mahatma Ghandi

I am trusting that my deepest feelings are guiding me to where I need to be and what I need to become.

I am trusting myself in order to access the higher principles that will guide me to living a life of integrity.

I am trusting the Spirit shining through me to everyone else.


 I have been attuned to nature and animals all my life. When my family moved to Claremont, Ontario when I was 10, I spent more time outside than inside. I would find forests with trilliums in the spring; animals started to trust me; I begged for a garden and grew plants as well as vegetables. I have been followed and guided by coyotes and red hawks. I am in love with birds of all kinds. Cats, both large and small, figure predominately in my life. They are my favourite characters in myth and fairy tale. They embody wisdom, beauty, fun, laughter and life lessons. They speak to me in ways that humans cannot.

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The Blue Jay

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Artwork by Susan Boles - The Blue Jay

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Susan Boles is available and open to working on commission projects. Send me an email, so we can discuss your vision.


january 2019

Two of Susan’s owl paintings currently hang in our home. They are even more impressive in person. With her detailed strokes of the brush and a dramatic palette it is no surprise that she is a well known realistic painter.

Kristen Penrod,, Art instructor at Art Unraveled and Art and Soul Mixed Media Retreats